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LearningSpace is the online learning platform for all Peace Corps Trainees, Volunteers, and Staff 

Peace Corps Staff Log In

Use this login if you have a Peace Corps email address. No username or password required to login when signed into a network computer.

Staff Log In

If you have any difficulties or questions, please email: PCLearnSupport@peacecorps.gov, including your full name.

Invitees and Volunteers

Invitees and Volunteers must use the username and password provided by the Peace Corps to login on the left. You have the option to link your login to your Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Microsoft accounts by clicking on one of the buttons below.

Invitees should have received an email from the Peace Corps regarding the creation of your account; if not, please first check your spam folder, and if you still can't find a login message please email PCLearnSupport@peacecorps.gov.